Levels Lindy Hop

Two days of Lindy Hop workshops (2x 2 hours) and access to all three parties: €115. Don't want to miss out on the great Solo Jazz teachers we have this year? You can add a 1 hour Solo Jazz workshop for €12,50

Level 1: North Atlantic

Following 4 months to a year of classes, you are a rivulet flowing into the Lindy Hop world! You understand what it means to lead and follow, and perhaps ventured into the wider sea to seek out dances on the social floor, but you still lack the grace, knowledge and understanding that it takes to really flow. 

Level 2: South Atlantic

As someone who social dances as much as possible, you are one swingin' member of the high seas! You never miss classes which you've been taking for a year or two, and you soak up all the technique like a tsunami. You are desperate to learn some new variations in your dancing, but you need to shine up your swing outs, add some gleam to your charleston, and push past the plateau at which you find your dancing skills.

Level 3: Indian Ocean

You truly are a kahuna of the seven seas! You rush seamlessly from river to ocean, and you seek out tips from instructors to refine and improve your style and grace on the Oceans deep.

You have developed a solid understanding of Lindy Hop technique, and have mingled with strange foreign waters, in search of new tips and tricks.

Level 4: Arctic Ocean  (Arctic Ocean will require audition, if you are interested to join this level, please register to Level 3 - Indian Ocean)  

You are a giant wave in a Lindy Hop Ocean! Your local Lindy Hop scene is where you live and breathe, you can't count how many International events you've attended, and you understand the importance of training yourself in your own time. You strive to improve your basics constantly, and understand the importance of working on the smaller details. You seek bigger challenges from the craziest riptides, and you aren't afraid to push yourself to the absolute limit.


Levels Solo Jazz

Two days of Solo Jazz workshops (2x 2 hours) and access to all three parties: €115

Level 1: North Pacific

Do you experiment with solo moves in class warm ups and enjoy adding them to your Lindy Hop? Do you search for more confidence in your own movement and you like to do the Shim Sham? If you want to expand your repertoire of solo jazz, and learn from some of the jazziest, funkiest, swingin'est Sharks in the ocean, this course is for yo

Level 2: South Pacific

Tranky Doo or Big Apple, they all come as easy to you as plankton to a blue whale.

You practice solo, you can interpret the music with your body when dancing along, and you've attended International solo workshops. You look forward to being challenged and learning to move your scaly tail with new techniques and in different styles!